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Our Story

We started our journey in 2015 with a passion for crafting delicious experiences. What started as a cozy kitchen in an Emirati home, where we passionately baked flavored almond biscuits with the key ingredients Sugar and Salt, has evolved into a cherished haven for Pastry, Bakery, Chocolate, Flowers, and our latest addition – a cozy café.

From the heart of our small warm kitchen to the buzzing local events, our flavorful creations quickly captured the taste buds and hearts of our community. Since then, Sugar & Salt Station has grown to three locations today: Our flagship store in Mohammed Bin Zayed city, Yas Mall, and our third branch in Al Bateen. And we stand tall as a name synonymous with delectable treats and warm, inviting spaces. 

Our commitment to quality and passion for creating memorable moments have paved the way for our expansion into diverse offerings. Whether it's the tempting aroma of freshly baked pastries, the rich indulgence of our chocolates, the fragrant beauty of our flowers, or the inviting ambiance of our café – each element reflects our dedication to bringing joy to every day.

At Sugar and Salt Station, every sweet bite and aromatic sip tell a story of our culinary journey. Join us in savoring the moments, as we continue to serve and delight, one delicious creation at a time. Welcome to our world of flavors!

Sugar & Salt Café

In 2018, We introduced Sugar & Salt Café within the flagship store, Mohammed Bin Zayed city, with our extensive fusion menu and the serene atmosphere. 

In 2022, we proudly opened our second store in Yas Mall to cater to growing demand. Here you can have a delightful experience amid the bustling shopping scene.


Sugar and Salt is dedicated to defending its traditions with thoughtful ingredient sourcing and an “off the commercial food grid” philosophy. 9 years counting, Sugar and Salt Station has been cooking and baking in a way that is thoughtful, fresh, quality and most importantly, delicious!

As we set our sights on the future, we aspire to expand our presence across all emirates and eventually globally. This journey is fueled by a dedication to maintaining our core values, ensuring that every step forward resonates with the essence of our brand.

Our Community

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