Sugar and Salt Station began baking flavored almond
biscuits and started selling them to local events out of a small warm kitchen
in an Emirati home. Today, Sugar and Salt Station’s beloved Pastry, Bakery,
Chocolate, Flowers and recent addition of our café is making its name in the

Renowned for its quality and home-made products, Sugar
and Salt is dedicated to defending its traditions with thoughtful ingredient
sourcing and an “off the commercial food grid” philosophy.

Sugar and Salt Station wants people to know where our
food came from, who grew it and what is good about it. Our cafe cuisine is much
more than burgers and fries; combined Mediterranean, Asian, Peruvian – Japanese
(Nikkei), Tapas, an elaborate and flavorful food scape.

8 years counting, Sugar and Salt Station has been cooking
and baking in a way that is thoughtful, fresh, quality and most importantly,